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Chapter 5 Page 11

Chapter 5 Page 11 published on 20 Comments on Chapter 5 Page 11

Our schedule keeps slowly shifting towards Tuesdays, it seems.
In other news, in case you’ve missed our April Fools prank, we got hacked by Lin and had this website redirect to hers for an entire day. Her website is still available on Neocities, so take a look if you haven’t yet!


I thought it was a geocities site for a second and almost died of a nostalgia overload. Nice April’s fool gag.

Also I am impressed by the level of mid 90’s detail that went into the fake site. Webrings, rudimentary animated gifs, HTML 1.ish formatting, questionable color schemes, and even a page view counter. 10/10 would have believed it was a legit mid 90’s website.

Lin’s website is awesome, thank you for posting the link to it even after the April Fools was over :) I love the level of detail!

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