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is it snowing?

Imagine being in the boardroom of the company that designed those.
“What if instead of ‘sober’, we had ‘painfully sober’, just to really hammer it home.”
“My god, Maksim, you’re a genius!”

I just binged this entire comic from start to finish and could not have enjoyed it more. I can’t wait to continue reading! Thank you for making this awesome comic! <3

“Yes, I used to keep booze in this flask. But now that I’m not doing that, no reason to not keep whatever I can drink in it.”

“No, I can’t let you smell it. It’s for your own good. It’s 10% capsaicin; taking a whiff will burn your eyes out. No, I don’t like this, but it shocks my system enough I can focus on something other than how much I want to be drunk off my ass.”

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