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is it snowing?

Imagine being in the boardroom of the company that designed those.
“What if instead of ‘sober’, we had ‘painfully sober’, just to really hammer it home.”
“My god, Maksim, you’re a genius!”

I just binged this entire comic from start to finish and could not have enjoyed it more. I can’t wait to continue reading! Thank you for making this awesome comic! <3

“Yes, I used to keep booze in this flask. But now that I’m not doing that, no reason to not keep whatever I can drink in it.”

“No, I can’t let you smell it. It’s for your own good. It’s 10% capsaicin; taking a whiff will burn your eyes out. No, I don’t like this, but it shocks my system enough I can focus on something other than how much I want to be drunk off my ass.”

kek I’mma use that. “The benefits of the capsaicin are threefold: upon quitting, I began to eat really spicy food for the dopamine rush as a way to achieve some kind of thrill. Since then, I have become heavily tolerant of this effect, and only a dangerously high dose can provide me with an effectively stimulating dopamine rush. Second, the pain I experience from ingesting this actually helps alleviate some of the nastier side effects of full withdrawal now that my methadone regimen was cancelled. Finally, I find that such an intense shock to the system also has a rather peppy effect, providing me with the necessary impetus to get out of bed in the morning, if only to seek out food with which to slow the development of my stomach ulcer. Seriously, I’m doing you a favor, this stuff would fry the hair right of your nostrils and make that time your brother mixed poison oak into his Super Soaker look like a light April sunburn.”

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