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Chapter 5 Page 20

Chapter 5 Page 20 published on 10 Comments on Chapter 5 Page 20

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With someone so clearly connected to the underworld as Filsof and through them, a corrupt police force, it’s little wonder Nate is getting called out for whatever this incident is.
And yet, Nate will probably find some sense of pride in it, knowing they want him removed from the things to come. That he must be important enough to need the coercion.

If I’m understanding this right, Nate isn’t important in his own right (well… not THAT important, though Filosof clearly has a list of past grudges at the back of his mind), but Filosof’s here because Nate’s one of the few people who knows enough to be able to sell him the Sandman? …Actually, that kind of is important. I’m sure it is in Nate’s head, anyway.

Cybernator is really nice when he’s not all l33t. I hope he doesn’t get hurt, specially because he got this visit just because he was searching clues about Fixer’s location.

Also, now that I think about it, it seems that the only people who care about Dan are this schoolboy, his ex-girlfriend and Lin, the borderline psychopath surgeon… Nate must be protected!

Oh shit, I didn’t think about that. I didn’t think he was a school kid when we first met him, just young, so how young exactly caught me completely off guard.

Though, I don’t think Lin’s a psychopath. She’s just… unconventional, that’s all.

WHEW! Nate is alive! For the moment, anyway. Play it cool, Nate. Play it very cool indeed. (What DID happen that last time we saw him, anyway?)
Anyway, just been catching up and you made my day. I like Nate, even if he is a bit of an idiot sometimes. :-)

P.S. (speaking as a person with autistic spectrum disorder and problems with swooshy animations) The new(ish) ReCaptcha system is evil and must die.

So maybe these things were already obvious to everybody, but to me it is interesting that
1. He offers to forgive Nathan if that gets him Sandman, so from his point of view Sandman is worse than Nathan. Which is interesting because Nathan has directly attacked his business while Sandman, as far as we know, doesn’t do malicious stuff and is only hacking to solve the Skullfuck mystery, which
2. Means this shady firm MUST have something to do with the virus. Why remains unclear, maybe they’re prototyping a way to kill implanted people for the military, which would also make it likely that they don’t want anyone to know the virus is survivable. Watch out Dan!

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