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“This salon is Y2K Ready!”

Nice touch xD

The Y2K craze was a fun time to be involved in computers. One of my college professors took a leave of absence to do some contract work updating government code because a lot of it was written in older programming languages like COBOL and they were paying top dollar to anyone who was remotely proficient with them.

At the point Y2K itself actually rolled around I was working as an assistant manager for a fast food place while I was finishing out college. No one knew what was going to happen so the manager closing the store that night had two kits for what to do. If Y2K didn’t destroy us (which is what happened) the normal “happy new year” kit was used. If Y2K had caused the collapse of society the second kit was basically posters for “we’re sorry but we’re closed until further notice because Y2K happened” that were supposed were to go up in all the windows. I had one of the posters from the apocalypse kit for years but it get lost at some point. It was a fun conversation piece.

This story made my day. I really hope those posters still exist somewhere :D

I thought this was a depiction of the malware used to take down the VR salons, but it just hit me that they literally are using an OS pirated by the people hacking them. How are they even surprised that their software has backdoors in the first place!?

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