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is Troy gonna be able to keep the Zapper running? find out next week!

Would be comically ironic if the TV product didn’t work as well as hoped.

oh I meant Dan’s car, but I guess they’re both Zappers

Ahh, true true, I did see that detail but did not associate the name with the car. Out of curiosity, what makes it qualify for that nickname?

This vehicle is called a Zaporozhets, (affectionately) shortened to Zapor (“lock”, “constipation”). Never noticed it was called The Zapper until now, great pun :)
Evidently, the name was there since the first chapter… since then, this little car appears to have lost its roof rack and (sometimes) air intakes on rear fenders… and its trademark license plate!

An awesome twist, really love it. But i found an inconsistency in the last picture. Dan holds his cigarette in his hand, but its floating in mid air in the last panel, like he dropped it. But that would mean, he put his hand down faster than a dropped cigarette could fall, which is highly implausible. So, if he kept it in his mouth and spit it out in shock, the last panel would make sense.It is a very minor detail and i hardly think someone would notice it, but you might correct it in further releases of this comic.
Greetings from a long-time fan, keep up the good work and may your implants work accurately.

Your last bit there made me realize just how susceptible Dan may be to electroshock. His implants are supposedly deactivated but that doesn’t mean the taser gun won’t interact with the implant components which are pretty much embedded into his brain.

i have binged this for the past 2 days and i gotta say i am in love with this whole series. the art style, the story, the characters. It’s so good cant wait to see what happens next

> It’s so good cant wait to see what happens next
what happen next: you wait anxiously for your fix like all of us

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