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I can understand the grave robbing, but how in the hell did he get ahold of Dan’s temporary cover? … or was that some sort of “laughing-man” character’s cover?

If its Dan’s I thought the rehab ‘officer(s)’ snagged it?

Sandman’s office is top tier! Was the plaque there prior, or is Sandman that patriotic/nationalistic?

Does Sandman speak Russian as a second language, or is he just a fellow of few words? Or both?

Considering Stradania is supposedly in rather close proximity to Russia and other countries potentially using similar languages, I’m just assuming they have been speaking their own language this whole time and the webcomic is in English for reader convenience. Inter-universe shenanigans. Although, like in the real world, English may be heavily prevalent due to English being the business language, good for globalization and commerce.

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