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Chapter 5 Page 5

Chapter 5 Page 5 published on 6 Comments on Chapter 5 Page 5

Bonus page! As always, extra updates come to you courtesy of our amazing Patreon backers:

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Oh boy, I feel like I can see, at least, a part of where this is going. Dan’s literally on a razor’s edge.

Also, could the implant & worm be somehow responsible for some of his hallucinations? I remember something being mentioned how the worm somehow seems to jump the tech-brain barrier.

I think it’s been officially mentioned that it is. Well, it makes sense – causing hallucinations is exactly what a Dreamspace implant is BUILT to do. I mean, if you run a gadget directly into your visual cortex, and then you break it…
The only fragment of information I remember seeing so far about what the worm actually does is Fixer back in Chapter 3 (just looked it up again): “Hey, check this out. It’s pulling data from hi short-term memory and feeding it back through the system…” and then everything went splat. Since Dan’s short-term memory will then include what he’s just hallucinated, you end up with an ever- spiralling feedback loop. It’s cclearly not JUST short-term memory, though. Eve’s not short-term memory.

Of course, that’s when the thing’s switched on. As for what he’s been seeing when it’s not switched on, either
a) that’s just because the various incidents with the implant have chewed holes in his visual cortex,
b) it’s something else he’s been smoking, unrelated to the implant, Dan just dreams in pixels because he spends most of his life in a computer, or
c) somehow a tiny amonut of powr is trickling through the implant even when it’s not plugged in, possibly on some ind of lemon-battery principle. Brains have electricity in them. Maybe something is leaking somewhere.

We’ll maybe find out, if Sandman can manage to keep Exhibit A alive long enough in spite of his own best efforts.

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