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1.- Dog magnet ♥
2.- Are Sandman parents Siberian or something?
3.- Is Anonym Dan’s real last name?

They’re from Kazakhstan, if I remember our lore correctly.

And no, “Anonym” isn’t his real name – in fact, his actual last name is still a mystery even to people who know him well. (as well as you can with Dan, anyway)


… both our sakes?

I think he’s referring to the fact that if they don’t solve the worm problem, there will be even more death and no one can trust anyone on the network anymore, which is problematic to everyone (and he’s AWOL because he’s avoiding attention, which tells me he’s been living in the shadows trying to avoid certain parties).

Aw, Dan’s expression. Yeah, Dan, sorry. You’re just not very good at this. At least you now have someone around who appears serious about keeping you alive. I’m still not 100% sure about Sandman, however many cute dogs he has, but if any of what he says is true then he’s got a very strong motive to make sure Dan doesn’t die on him, however difficult Dan makes it… at least not before he can get that computer code.

That last panel! This story keeps on having flashes of looking like a serious science fiction thriller, just for a second. And then Dan does something Dannish. Or if it’s not Dan. it’s the others. Good trick to be able to do both.

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