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Dan is still in “never trip again” denial. Poor guy.

Kind of hoping he’ll be able to get back in the game. He seems useless without his trip operating ability. No real marketable skills or prospects. Plus, I’m sure “I survived the Worm” doesn’t have that much of a celebrity status.

I forgot to check up on this comic for a few weeks and had a nice backlog going when I came back! Now I’m chomping at the bits again, haha.

Really excited to see where this goes.

I hate to do this, but this whole hacker-that-can’t-hack thing is making me think of Neuromancer again. Poor Dan! However, I can’t tell if it would be a really good thing for him to get back his ability to trip again. It really might not be, in the long run. However, he’s not really prepared to live a normal life, either. I worry about this poor busted soul.

Do you guys think they’re gonna pull something and he magically gets his powers back? I don’t know how I’d feel.

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