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Unless we skipped a bunch, the chapter and page no.s need swapping

The rest of chapter six, all of chapter 7, 8, and 9, and the first 5 pages of chapter 10 were *really* boring and we’re better off skipping them. I mean, OMG, it was so much like a soap opera, even with skipping all of that, the dialog is like it’s the next page!

Sorry, I realize it was fixed already, but I’m always late to deliver punchlines.

Shit. If DAN is the least terrible person Troy has met since coming here, that is the most chilling indictment of this country that we’ve seen yet.

Dan really isn’t that bad, he’s drug addled and down on his luck, but seems to have a moral compass that points to being helpful and doesn’t actively try and hurt people unlike vast swaths of the depicted society.

Druggies aren’t evil~

There are a number of people she’s met who were required to hassle her as part of their job. But I’m pretty sure if Dan had their job instead, he would’ve found a less abrasive way to get the job done. He’s an addict, and he has been compelled to do a number of unpleasant things by his addiction. But he’s a far better person than most of the addicts I have known.

I just noticed that Dan’s sobriety level monitor device seemingly disappears in the third panel as he is leaving the car. I don’t know if that was an oversight but I think it should definitely be visible with his sleeve pulled up like that.

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