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so all the police wear those cool visors, not just the ones that deal with wireheads?

the visors seems cool — until you have to wear one.
then you realize they’re glitchy, hot, and miserable.

Also, I was told this thing was supposed to help me see concealed weapons better but… I can barely see shit with these fucking things on. Is that what you mean by ‘glitchy’? Because when I think of ‘glitchy’, I think that sometimes, every so often, it might sometimes at least come close to doing what it was fucking supposed to do.

Sigh. Ok, yes, they do tend to fuck up concealed weapons *slightly* less bad than most other stuff, so if I can actually make out that somebody’s pants have a pocket in them, it’s likely there’s a potential weapon there. Like, you know, car keys.

But god damnit, my TV’s picture looked better than the crap I get looking through this visor. And I’m supposed to be all professional and act like I can see things? Fucking bite me. At least I’m on desk duty, rather than actually having to go through paperwork. And at least I did find a neat little hack: if I hold the paper over some handy weapon (such as, say, my computer terminal’s hard-mounted keyboard), I can *almost* read it. Assuming the person wrote with impeccable penmanship.

your TV works?

that’s why i bother to show up at work. at least they have these newspapers from six years ago.

That was supposed to be a “More broken than this obviously broken thing” statement. It works after a fashion, if by working you mean costs electricity, produces smoke, makes a sound sort of like an electric arc, and lights up enough so you can see where it is in the dark but not a lot else. It’s really pretty indescribable, really. I’d show you a picture except there’s no way a picture could show… wait a second. I forget were I’m posting this shit. Hold on a moment.

So, um, last panel is what this shit looks like when there’s a concealed weapon in view:

Panel five is more or less my TV, minus the Teddy Wexler, and plus a lot more waviness. I really didn’t expect this to be the hard to find image, but…:

First panel is what this shit looks like normally, if you can imagine Dan’s head not being there:

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