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I don’t comment on D&W nearly enough, I feel like I should apologise, ahaha.

I read the copper’s eyes as gun emoji. Even if I’m wrong, it seems to fit.
IDs are stupid fun to design, I’m glad to see that you apparently agree ;D

I noticed the last bunch of pages have used the 9-panel grid, whereas earlier ones didn’t. I’m curious as to the reason for the switch! Did it become a habit from working on Peter Cannon, or is there more to it?

Unrelated: With JavaScript disabled for the site, there’s zero indication that a captcha is required D:

I did joke about Peter Cannon influencing my thumbnailing, but I think it’s more that I’ve got lots of panels to fit. I’d love to think about composition more, but with our script most times my thought process is “how do I cram all of this dialogue and action so it at the very least FITS” -cryo

So does he just not have a last name? Or has he intentionally hid it?
Rare for a licensed photo to actually look like the person, but I suppose Daniel already looks like shit there’s not much a bad photo can do.

It looks like there are censor bars printed on the licenses, and the pig knows how to refer to him as a result; this suggests Stradania has some legal process for anonymizing your documents. I’m thinking Dan did it to avoid being associated with his rich and famous family.

Oh, he has a last name alright. If he *used* it, it would get him out of a lot of trouble with cops… and into a lot more trouble with a certain important politician. On the whole, given his circumstances, I think he’s chosen well to censor it. Although it may not have been entirely his choice.

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