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Why does this woman assume Dan can’t shoot up in his own room?

It’s good practice to consume your near-lethal dose of drugs in a space where you might be found.

That’s … really sad.

God, this kind of upset me. I am a fairly chronic insomniac, and sometimes you do anything to go to sleep. I’ve hit liquor really hard before in an effort to knock myself out, something I have to be very careful to not become habit. Like I said, you get in that situation, you do ANYTHING to sleep, even if it’s bad for you. Especially if you have things to do in the morning.

Watching Dan do something similar to what I’ve done is really hard. I want him to get better so bad. I don’t know why I’m so tied up in it, he’s not real. Maybe it’s a little personal, because I’ve watched people tear themselves apart with drugs in real life. Maybe because he’s so well-written, and I kind of think of him as a person. I don’t know. This comic is really good, but it’s very hard for me sometimes.

Sorry for such a long comment! I end up writing a lot sometimes.

Honestly, high CBD pot is one of the best things for sleep, I find. I’ve always had insomnia, and growing up I tried everything. I just ended up giving up. A brief workout with a focus on cardio helps as well, but high CBD marijuana edibles do the trick nicely.

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