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Hooray! Don’t know how this is going to go, can’t remember exactly who has what leverage over who here, but all the same, hooray. About time. In your face, hairdo boy.
Does anyone here play tabletop roleplaying games? I made a GURPS character sheet of Dan, just for practice, and was rather astonished how accurately you can do him in that system. (GURPS has a reputation for being good at gritty realism, so I suppose it’s not that surprising.) With one comical exception. GURPS, for those not familiar, works on a points system – you have a certain number of points to spend, depending on how awesome your character is meant to be, for instance a realistic regular Joe gets 50 to 75 points and a cinematic action hero gets 100 to 150. Advantages and skills cost points and if you give your character particular disadvantages you get points back.

There’s a rule, though, that you can’t have disadvantages equal to more than half your points limit, to prevent some kind of cheating. When I’d finished with Dan, he had 47 points including -55 points of disadvantages.

Zis guy.

Dan’s still more patient than me. I wouldn’t have gotten as far with Vitaly’s shit. I would have punched him or done something like this a long, long time ago.

Really worried about what the fallout is going to be, though.

…What is Dan’s full name? Is it Daniel? I can’t remember. Is Daniel a name they use in Russia? Or is it something more Russia-y? (Like what, I don’t know.) This comic always makes me interested in that country, in a lot of the attitudes there.

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