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Oh boy. Danny is gonna haveta play White Night with this poor woman. Swoop in and save her.

But, I mean, I feel like he’s basically a good guy that would do that kind of thing. Not like, to get anything out of it, but because he’s good in his heart. However, he will complain and whinge about it because he’s our special boy. Looking forward to seeing this drowning man trying to keep someone else afloat.

The fact Lin is using a crowbar to remove some cyberware from someone’s former ribs made me squirm a little. Awesome job guys

I think the someones former ribs is just formerly someone, I don’t think even their cyborgs can survive without half of their major internal organs missing.

What I mean is that I wouldn’t put it past Lin to take cybernetics from the body of a victim…*caugh* I mean “patient”… that didn’t survive her ministrations.

Is panel 2 implying that her campaign material says something like “Integritty”?
That would be a great pun to represent her character…
Obviously she’s trying to see if you noticed the pun, Dan. You failed.

It’s kinda fucking with me, since… aren’t they speaking Russian?

There is also only two Ts in tselostnost. (Trust me.)

(Strangely, this comment system doesn’t seem to accept Cyrillic?)

Google confirms you speak with tselostnost. Also, there’s a tremendous amount of web code that doesn’t support any kind of unicode yet. I would guess that we’re still at the point where proper unicode support is a rarity. I know finding a font with proper unicode support is still technically impossible, because the best font formats only have 65536 characters.

Disclaimer: I’m actually personally fairly well served by ASCII, so I’m really not too aware of the status of unicode. I just try to make unicode compliant code and have an interest in doing some sort of comic thingy using it at some point. But as a monolinguistic fool, that point will probably be forever in the future.

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