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More people should understand: there’s the family we’re given and the family we make. The latter is generally more important.

Sometimes, we make part of the family we make from given family members. I get the feeling that most people do this with at least one family member. Others of us aren’t that lucky. It’s clear that the people in this comic are generally not lucky, except in the Pure Luck sense.

My gut is telling me that a certain fixer is about to get Skull F*cked…

What happened between Fixer and his family? Is it an issue Nate would be sympathetic to? Nate strikes me as the conscience of the group and there’s a certain tranquility of mind that comes with a moral compass. Fixer on the other hand is the kind of guy which simultaneously speaks his mind and refuses to accept the cost of doing so. It breeds resentment and a need to constantly assert oneself.

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