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I wouldn’t blame him for feeling like that may be his last meal if the plan doesn’t go accordingly. If they fail with him, whether he survives or not, they might be able to have a second chance with Dan but getting him to agree to this will be easier said than done I imagine.
I wonder if Dan ends up being a test subject later for a potential fix they may end up code-cobbling up together.

This. Also, I’m completely onboard with the don’t kill the Shitparade campaign.

Further, I feel like it’d be appropriate to combine these two into an appropriately rewarding experience for these two for risking the Shitparade’s life with so little forethought. The manner in which this should work should be immediately obvious to anyone who is aware of why people aren’t supposed to eat before pretty much every major surgery that doesn’t involve the GI tract. (Of course, that reason also applies for surgeries that do involve the GI tract, it’s just that there’s an additional reason for those surgeries that’s even more crucial.)

Please don’t kill Shitparade. How will I know which are the lamest cowherds u.u?

yeh, I really don’t want him to die. I’d understand it in terms of the plot, but I’d be sad regardless

I would really hate for shitparade to die here after surviving SkullFuck.exe.

I do really like this comic though, I’d have to go back and figure out exactly when it was but some of the explanation behind how SkullFuck.exe does what it does seems to line up pretty well with a fan speculation thread in one of the earlier comics. I love knowing the details of this fictional technology. :D

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