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I’m glad to see that shitparade lives and is relatively unscathed by the dive. Is it weird that I am getting Vlad vibes from the text? Kinda seems like his kind of poetry… though I could be wrong.

Um, given the process by which this thing worked, that could just be stuff in Shitparade’s mind. That said, the only legible text does tend to stand out.

Also, it wouldn’t be very surprising if the way this worked, only stuff from the virus or the jack itself were legible. I mean, I don’t know how other people think, of course, but for me, my conscious thoughts are linked to various things, which would at minimum require markup to reproduce in text. More likely, they’re not text fields, because much of them are image, sound, somatic, or otherwise something not really clearly renderable in English text. (Or, for that matter, probably not renderable in Russian text. Though, not speaking Russian, that’s a bit harder to say.)

I know this is fiction, but it is hard to believe that if memories are stored as a binary file, a memory of that place is stored as a literal string of text. When you find that kind of pattern, most of the time means that the binary file has a string value or an array of characters literally declared somewhere (like an “About…” content, metadata, etc).

Maybe the worm is just a defective viral adware which was meant to make you see your junkie life through your eyes and show you a path of salvation for some bucks. Who knows?

That’s actually just about exactly what I was thinking. A string of legible that long in a sea of apparent noise is usually planted. In most legitimate code, it’s a copyright notice. But this code isn’t even “legit” code, so we get their terse manifesto instead.

Just to be clear, I doubt that people from that particular “anti-addiction” group really wanted to cure these net users. They just wanted to get them to leave the addiction they couldn’t make a profit off of, so that they’d go to one that they could make some bucks off of.

(Yes, I did just write “legit code” at first, but then remembered which comic strip I was commenting on.)

Thanks for that! There’s also a bit more of the poster text text visible on the next page: “4. […]ery action! EMBRACE EVERYDAY RIGHT DOING! […] 5. […]! ALL CONSCIOUSNESS! ALL-IS-ONE!”

Looking back, I now notice the similarity to text found on “Dr Bronner’s” brand products! Particularly the fondness for exclamation marks and hyphenated agglomerations and the phrase “All-One” (well, Dr. Bronner’s All-One becomes ALL-IS-ONE”). I suppose a major difference is that the “vitamins” aren’t covered in rambling enthusiastic text.

He’s alive!!!! :D I can’t deny this development has made my day 1.5 times better.
Now that I think of it, Dan got infected through an email by Eve, I wonder how Shitparade got infected.

I discovered your comic by way of TWC this morning and read the whole thing. Kudos on an intriguing tale and excellent art.

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