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Something about seeing SiM wallkimg aroind like that is super creepy.

I think he’s fixed to the ceiling, the perspective is just weird on the fourth panel. He’s not giant and standing on the floor ;)

Is it bad that I ship SiM and Suite Case Robot?

I’ve taken to referring to the suitcase robot as “Casey”. Let me tell you about their TV-show spinoff:
Now Casey, we can agree she’s a little naive, but she’s resourceful and, let me tell you, with a heart-shaped chip of gold.
At first, SIM may resent Casey and her sleek young LED-face. His worn cathode ray screen flickering with irritation.
-Damn kid, get off my LAN!
But as events unfold, an opportunity will arise for Casey to prove her worth and maybe even the grudging respect of old “grandpa” SIM.
She may be a fashionable “Made in the USA” droid and he may be cobbled together from surplus hardware Moscov dumped on Stradania “in exchange” for iron ore, but that doesn’t mean they can’t see the best in each other.
Eventually she returns to the US, despite the shenanigans at the baggage retrieval system they’ve got at Unylsk Airport.
Back at the clinic, SIM quietly muses that here he’s been toiling for years, helping to fix and replace people’s hardware. But it took a whippersnapper domestic appliance to diagnose and swap out the corroding capacitors on his motherboard!

I wonder if we already learned the backstory of the Tattoo Parlor. Or if it’s as simple as I imagine (Lin fixed the previous owner, previous owner died, Lin inherited the place, never told anyone about it, kept front to keep local government out).

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