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they’re putting antifreeze in the calvin klein now?

During the communist era it was common for people to get drunk off of alcohol-based cologne, as it was much cheaper than alcohol. It’s occasionally still a thing in Russia.

Is it cheaper than Listerine? Or is that not a thing there?

Hardcore alcoholics in remote parts and impoverished parts of the world (in the US most notably places like Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, the Dakotas…) drink motherloving RUBBING ALCOHOL dude. It’s most infamously noted among American Indians, who are affected by alcoholism at alarmingly high rates for their small population. Listerine’s like, what, 20-30% alcohol? To alcoholics who drink all day and all night, that ain’t firewater, that’s barely even peppermint schnapps. It’s a waste of money. And what it tastes like or feels like in your throat or gut is pretty much irrelevant at that point, those boys can stomach almost anything.

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