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Chapter 6 Page 8

Chapter 6 Page 8 published on 4 Comments on Chapter 6 Page 8

Hey everyone, something I completely forgot to mention on our actual website despite posting about it all over social media: We have a fanart contest going on! This time we’ve got two categories: traditional fanart where you draw any of our characters and designing your very own D&W character (or yourself!) as a part of D&W world. Deadline is April 19th, though it’s subject to change if we don’t get enough entries. More deets on Cryo’s  tumblr!


As a person who lives in a house that typically has anywhere between 6 to 8 dogs, on average, I can understand Fixer’s comment about the smell. But when you live with that every day, you learn to tune it out, unless the messes are really bad. So I doubt Sandman thinks about it much anymore.

Now the REAL issue is watching where you step. I’ve taken to wearing slippers at all times, and not just for the longevity of my socks.

OOH! I gotta get in on that fanart competition. I dunno who to draw though. Longface sadboy or robot loving mad scientist? I don’t know even what I’ll have them doing? getting coffee? Drinking? Sadboy would probably be moping. Wishing he could do drugs again, I suppose. Maybe that’s an angle. I gotta do SOMETHING!

Also, the dogs are the best and I love them.

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