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Here’s hoping he just happened on an old and very good trip he never got to check out, and that this isn’t the brainworm being a cheeky fucker while it kills him.

…that was supposed to read “NOW LOADING (loss-of-senses / memory-deletion)”

Dang comment box must’ve taken my angle brackets for HTML tags. >:I

…by which I meant “Meaning deletion,” ugh. My kingdom for an edit button!

Fun aside: Sinnesloschen is apparently the name of the supposed dev of Polybius! The urban legend arcade game from the 80s, that was rumored to be psychoactive or mind-altering, and possibly part of a government operation.

If his arms and legs getting covered up in those stars and withering away to ash is symbolism for his limbs being paralyzed it would indicate that he’s quite possibly even more fucked than he was previously even if he doesn’t die from this. Risk of further brain damage, coma and death? Plenty of that for sure!

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