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She looks smashing in a bow tie.
Better than whomever she stole it from anyway

Is looting it from a corpse REALLY stealing though?

Can we just talk about the massive metaphorical balls that Lin has? She’s putting herself out there as the poster-woman for cyborgs as a political entity, deep in the heart of an anti-cyborg country. Out in the hills, they lynch cyborgs and leave them as warnings for other ‘borgs. Moreover, the Black Earth party is going to see Lin’s campaign as an opponent they can scapegoat, which might grant them more brownie points with a populace they’ve consistently failed with their policies.

All this setting aside Lin’s lifestyle, which would be criminal even in a country that WASN’T heavily tuned, legally, against ‘borgs.

I like how you go right out and say exactly why Lin is the most psychologically interesting candidate in this (or pretty much any) election without actually saying any words that start with ‘psych’.

I’d ask if Eve will ever escape from running into Dan periodically, but I think we all know that’s going to keep happening as long as this comic continues.

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