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Oooh. Did I miss the part where Troy doesn’t know Russian, and has an implant that translates for her? One that doesn’t like loud bassy synths, perhaps?

If the music’s too loud for her, it doesn’t really matter if she’s using a chip that’s getting overloaded by the noise or if it’s just a language she’s not utterly fluent in. Music that’s too loud for her to think is music that’s too loud for her to translate well, because that’s thinking.

I’ve been at a party where I had less comprehension of what was said, despite the fact it was all mostly English and I’m a native English speaker, because even though the words were spoken loud enough I could’ve heard them, I was too disoriented by the overwhelming sound.

By the way, if you don’t think the music is too loud, you’re too old.

Probably the excess of noises are making his implant to not recognize the language. Because yes, Troy started learning Russian yesterday, she barely know how to say vodka. Trisha (a LingoWare/Duolingo/BonziBuddy hybrid) translates everything for her, as seen in:

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