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Just curious, is barely two days the average for a tourist to hide behind a dumpster and break down crying or does it usually take longer?

Given what she’s been through, I’d think the average would be closer to one day. At least, after filtering out all the people who wouldn’t make it to that point because they’d already be dead, as well as the lucky few who managed to leave before hiding behind a dumpster because infinity doesn’t average well.

I mean, if you include just one person who managed to leave without hiding behind a dumpster, suddenly the average is infinity days, assuming they don’t feel the need to hide behind a dumpster later on in life. Alternatively, if you include someone who left after being there for two hours, and 53 years later, he hid behind a dumpster for unrelated reasons, that seriously skews the data in a way that’s not necessarily obvious.

… On further reflection, I think that may be where you got the suggestion for the average being two days. ;) You need to disregard the statistics from the Unylsk tourism department, because they deliberately leave those misleading outliers in there.

Found this comic a few years ago, read a few pages, then forgot about it because I’m Easily Distracted™

Found it again, binged it, and ohmygoditssogood. The setting, the humour, the characters, the art, the… The everything. I never expected to find a webcomic I’d enjoy more than Stand Still, Stay Silent or Kill Six Billion Demons, but here we are.

That’s one hell of a compliment, thank you so much! Hope you continue to enjoy our comic :) And thanks for pointing out the broken pages too! …maybe we’ll finally get around to fixing them. -cryo

Oh, you read new comments on old pages. Nice.

Yeah, I love this comic too. One of my high points in my weekly (in these working years it’s more like bi-weekly or monthly) comic run-downs (next to Gunnerkrigg, Seed (webtoon), The Sword Interval (webtoon), Wilde Life, Bookwyrms)

And I may have slightly unhealthy addiction to webcomics.

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