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New Troy, capable of having a drink without a nervous breakdown! New Troy, able to listen to loud music without assuming the fetal position! New Troy, wears rave bling non-ironically! Ask your doctor if New Troy is right for you.

Ouch, he took even more oxycontin than before. As an opioid addict I understand that urge, but mixing it with alcohol? That is too much even by my standards. And how happened that Lin didn’t noticed that he is using opioids again? I prefer to think that while he was helping Lin he was cautious with dosages in order not to get busted. And now while Lin is distracted partying, he thought that he can finally get real high (alcohol probably took part in making that decision too). That could mean that he’ll most likely OD and most likely will be injected with naloxone, having terrible painful withdrawals and got his stash confiscated by Lin again. Or even worse: being forcefully fed with large dosage of naltrexone, which can block his opioid receptors for weeks or even longer (most sadist way of “rehabilitation”).

prosthetic spine please. please.

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