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“Because statistics….” She is right, of course. I was just reading a news piece on the web about how in a certain number of years, cybernetics will be the domain of the uber-wealthy and the indentured servitude. Where the hell did society break down at?

On a sidenote, wheres her head implant? That would clearly mark her as a borg, though nobody seems to notice. Did she remove it? Is this chekovs gun? :D

My post below was supposed to be a reply to you but I messed that up without noticing somehow. Haha… I wanted to add something and was going to go “P.S. Blah blah” and finally noticed a week later. Woops.

Anyways, Troy seems to be hiding her implant fairly well with her hairstyle so it is entirely possible Eve is doing the same. There is some artistic freedom to it so it’s all guesswork at this point. We can’t be too far off.

While it is very possible that she may have had her implants removed it is much more likely that she could have just had her scalp surgically closed over it like Lin had done to Dan (Before he cut it back open again anyways). Either that or she’s just carefully hiding it with her hair or potentially a wig cover of some kind that matches her hair.

I imagine that removing a cranial-cerebral implant is potentially a lot more trouble than it is worth so keeping it inside yourself as long as no medical complications arise (such as that Black Rot we saw information about in one of the Wirepedia pages). Nobody likes gangrene and sepsis, there is always a risk with keeping an implant inside you but surgery also carries the risk of infection and other complications and this surgery involves opening up your head and playing around with your brain… complications could easily become lethal. If the implants are stable, why remove them?

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