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well, dan’s dead

“Pale Rider” is still pale, not violet-blue as how it happens when people actually suffocate from opioid OD. He is unconscious, but still breathing. Pretty frightening situation for inexperienced people, I was in Troy situation except this happened in my place, and I had naltrexone, which I hadn’t used because it can cause enormous amount of pain, and had to monitor person’s condition for 12 hours, while my friend was out searching for nalaxone. Calling the ambulance was out of question, because they pass data about OD’s to police.

Please don’t let him die!

Whelp, I’d think the only way Dan’s likely to get out of this one is if Troy can whip out a can of narcan. I mean, assuming it’s the opioids that have done Dan in. I don’t think it’s likely that Troy has a can of narcan handy. She didn’t exactly go into this with the expectation of needing to rescue a dreamspace exile quite like Dan.

Whipping out a can of narcan probably won’t make Dan like Troy any better. Successfully rescuing Dan with a can of narcan probably won’t help make Troy like Dan any better, either.

Well, of course, I mean assuming that Troy’s not into getting punched. I haven’t experienced the stuff myself, given that my only experience with opioids was post surgical, and I decided I preferred the breakthrough pain I got on OTC meds than being wacked out on that stuff. But from talking to people who have, it’s unsettlingly like being hit with reality at 90 mph. Or going from feeling nothing to feeling everything with the flip of a switch. From a less subjective view, people given narcan have a reputation to come up swinging about an instant later.

Assuming it works, of course. If you give narcan to someone who’s already dead… well, narcan’t fix that. It probably also has a host of possible problematic side effects, like causing heart attacks, strokes, and death, but is it really causing death if they would’ve died without it?

Though, I wouldn’t put it past Lin to reanimate him so he can continue to work off his medical debt.

Hey, sometimes people just pass out with their eyes open, right?


Whether or not he’s still in there, Troy’s in a hell of a situation. With some quick thinking, she’s at least got dirt on Lyn to offer those two suits, and might be able to get some help from them? Otherwise, whoof.

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