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It’s kind of sad Dan just O.Ded and everyone is like “yep, that happens.” It’s like the entire community just gave up on him because they don’t know what else to do. It’s heart breaking.

Other than that, Lin’s bartender friend is hot.

One of the reasons I love this comic is that its depiction of depression and depressive cycles right on the head, that hopeless struggle, eking out existence just a step or two above rock bottom, constantly slipping beneath the surface and just pulling yourself up by your finger nails. Your friends slowly becoming tired of trying to help, but, being pushed away or ignored when they give advice, of saving you only to watch the spiral start all over again. How fragile any success is. Such a beautifully, painfully perfect depiction.
I have no personal experience with substance abuse, but, I’ve heard there are similar struggles and parallels in there.

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