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I don’t know why this page made me think of a random username “Synaptic_Fiddler”. Doesn’t that sound like it would be fitting for a Dreamspace Operator? Anyone else think of random usernames occasionally? (Even if you would likely never use it yourself.)

does shitparade shave the sides of his head every morning?

Different people are different. Some people would need to shave the side of their head twice a day to maintain that as well as he does. Other people could get away with once a week.

Or maybe he doesn’t shave his head at all, it could be permanent. I mean, sure, it’s an overly large region of his head for it to be an injury scar, unless it’s from a chemical burn. But there’s also the possibility of stuff like electrolysis hair removal. Also, some people just don’t grow hair places you might expect.

All of that said, I’d guess it’s probably either daily or every other day.

So somebody who is both 1) associated with New Beginnings Drug Rehabilitation Services and 2) competent enough to modify the code…? There’s only one named character who fits that bill and she doesn’t make sense.

Also, how significant is it that the code got modified by the Right-Living people? Like sure, it’s a potential lead on the original source, but did the New Beginnings modifications actually change Skullfuck’s functionality at all or just insert some text strings?

(also Shitparade’s thumbsdown plug cover here is flipped L-R relative to Ch 6 appearances)

So, if the modifications are what caused it to be dangerous, I guess the original function was just to harvest data from memories? My best guesses for a motive there would be surveillance purposes for arrest and blackmail, using the memories from multiple people to produce trips more easily, or just selling the bulk data to a third party.

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