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If this weren’t “everything went wrong” the comic I’d be expectimg this to set up sp,e heartwarming bonding between Dan and this young boy.

Well I suppose there may be some bonding before the heartbreak.

Two possibilities: either they bond and then the kid and mother die horribly, or the kid will mug Dan.

I’m thinking this child might get along with Dan and Lin, but do something that ends up tanking their campaign due to a limited experience with society as it exists beyond this neighborhood. Maybe Lin ends up replacing their eye, and then has to find someone to adopt them when their mom kicks them out for being a borg.

You make me hungry past midnight, pal…

…About the introduction of the young character, I think he might be her little brother. He looks really young compared to Lin and still look a bit like her. Let’s add the fact Lin spent her childhood in this village, so she maybe have planned to check up on her family members while stopping temporally here. After all, each time she says something, she does it different from what she said. Lin’s short expression of bad emotions besides Dan some pages ago could be about regrets and despair…

… By the way, that kid looks so cute. I would be confident enough to act as a big brother toward him.

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