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She resisted a whole day in Unylsk before crying. Troy is though as fuck.

OMFG. Daniel has floppies, and they’re trying to access data from Yegor?! Effing plot twist!

The worm could be built with heavy utilization of implant internal routines and even crypto (TPM-like stuff was there in 90-x already, that crazy aussie from EEVblog has a teardown video on one).
Alternatively can be self-destructing on activation. Not uncommon for worms of that era: infect system *.com’s, leave TSR, delete body from initial executable.

Troy and Dan just being normal people. It’s a beautiful scene in this otherwise messed up situation they are in together, but separately. I think Dan likes the opportunity to do something decent and “normal” with someone who’s not a raging lunatic for a change. I mean really, not that his friends aren’t friends, but Troy is the closest thing to sane and approachable without strings attached as any of the people he knows. Maybe she’s his ticket out of this crazy place?

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