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the html-based layout is such a throwback

Well, when you only have HTML in the file, what else are you going to base your layout on? I mean, when was CSS invented again? Like, 12, 13 *months* from now?

Oh, you think there should be JavaScript in there? If they were bleeding edge, that’d be sometime after December 4. But the last known date was November 22, and for all we know, that was yesterday. Also, this place doesn’t seem like the bleeding edge in that sense, even if there are bloody edges around here.

Yeah that HTML is a time capsule. Note he’s using the tables elements to structure the page. These were not even in the official HTML standard at the time, but the standards didn’t matter. The web browser Netscape, which everyone was using, had implemented it and that was what mattered. So in a sense, he and most others really were on the bleeding edge.

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