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It’s the inbox of the campaign silly girl! Lin is his mother and sister not girlfriend.

I’m pretty sure she is not thinking that “our” means they are a couple. Instead, Eve is shocked that Dan may be standing for something she deeply cares about (as shown in the conversation with her coworkers and in Blue Pill Arcade).
Imagine that a random day you go to a place you are excited about, and you find out that your otherwise lovely ex is behind it. The one who helped you to grow and overcome your own insecurities but whom you dumped months ago for your own sanity because they were too addicted to function or be trusted.
With some luck, Dan or Lin are going to ruin it making it clear that he is there against his will, to Eve disappointment.

> he is there against his will

That is completely untrue. Yes, he was/is sceptical about her campaign, but he always was free to choose.

Being coerced into doing something can make terminology tricky. There’s a line somewhere between being requested to do a thing, and being bound to a mechanical exoskeleton that literally forces you to do this thing, at which your free will doesn’t really matter.

Exactly where that line should be drawn is certainly a matter for debate. You feel that Lin didn’t cross that line. I feel she did.

Dan coming around to see the potential does not necessarily change that point. I feel like the hypothetical case of “what would have happened had the coercion not happened?” is probably important. If Dan would have eventually come around to being a supporter, fine. If Dan is only expressing support to get some reprieve and possibly get an escape route, then it’s still behavior that is from coercion. Between those two is more gray area. I think we’re in that gray area, and I don’t know whether Dan’s actions and word choices right now are entirely his own right now.

I mean, they sort of are. But how much is it trying to get out of this situation, and how much is genuinely believing in the cause.

Note that the line is probably not the same place for everyone. Some people are more willing to do things than others. Some forms of coercion are more coercive to some people than others. Sometimes it’s situation dependent. Like, for example, offering a random person who has a job and is fiscally stable a million dollars to do something is probably more coercive to that person than it would be to me, because most people have ambitions beyond ‘fiscally stable with enough buffer to probably find another job’. But if I was destitute, that million dollars would be much more coercive for me.

Dan’s not financially stable. He has a home, but not much of one, and he didn’t have any other job prospects of which I’m aware. He lives in a town with relatively few prospects already, but because of his past with drugs and wires, most of those prospects are closed to him.

Now, that does bring up an interesting point. Lin’s campaign could offer more for him than just a current wage, because other people who support her could be open to hiring one such as Dan. If she succeeds in raising sympathy, even if she loses the election, she could possibly make Dan’s situation less desperate. But I don’t know enough of what’s going on in Dan’s mind to really tell how that affects everything.

Maybe something will happen soon to have me change my tune, but for the moment, I feel it’s safer to say his behavior is not completely representative of free will right now, to a greater extent than that is true for most of us.

I had abused google image search for a while, but cannot find symbol on Dan’s shirt. Chinese radical from “blue-green” and salem cross are obvious not the case. What is it?

Could be a thee psychick cross, linked I would guess with Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth.

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