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Dan is going to be pissed and take cues from eve’s files

Eve is a potential threat to Lin’s control of Dan. She doesn’t want to risk that, so she gave Eve the boot.

Is he that valuable to her though? I would have thought she could easily press another sucker into her service

Has she been seen with any other suckers in her service? If it were that easy, I’d have expected her to have several before Dan was fully under her control. But she just had robot friends she presumably made. She still doesn’t have any other pawns.

Sure, she’s feared and has influence, but she’s an army away from being an evil overlord.

I miss updates (T_T)

Same. It says “Drugs & Wires has been updating on Patreon for the past few weeks – I felt like it’s best to build a buffer for public updates going forward. The good news is that…” on the site description, but I haven’t been able to find the rest of the sentence anywhere… Anybody know where it is/has a link?

That was a message from January 2019. The sentence continues: “… is that public updates will resume this Wednesday, 23rd Jan – but if you just can’t wait you can read the first 3 pages on Patreon for just $3”

Check Mary/Cryo if you want updates on D&W.

Okay… So I’ve been thinking about this since this was published and I have a theory: Eve’s belief is that cyborgs are disadvantaged people in need of help, thus advocacy groups. Lin’s stated her belief that beong a cyborg is to improve upon yourself, thus her pig deadlift demonstration.

Lin doesn’t want to associate with groups that make cyborgs look weak: she wants to prove how strong they can be.

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