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Not gonna lie, I’m a little disapponted she’s pulling out a floppy disk instead of a knife.

Wait is she Vlad’s ex?

I believe he knows her through the VR scene. Maya has clearly had contact with the other operators at some point as the mobster when offering the job refers to Sandman as a “mutual friend” suggesting he has reason to believe Maya and Sandman are acquainted. While it’s possible Vlad was in a relationship with her, she specifically says “None of you lifted a finger to help me” suggesting that she is referring to the other VR operators and that her acquaintance with Vlad isn’t anymore special than the others (as she doesn’t seem to be mad at him specifically). I would probably say the “Hello dear” bit on the last page was specifically to rattle Vlad since she was impersonating Tasha.

What’s interesting is that Vlad knows her on sight and is absolutely terrified of her, but none of the other operators have mentioned her, not even Sandman, and she is not in the slightest bit surprised that they didn’t try to help her out of prison.

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