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Drugs&Wires: If you see lots of color, shit’s gone off the rails.

Oh, we always see a lot of color in every update.

But most of them are greys, blues, dim greens, or confined to posters or pills.

(That’s dim green as opposed to dark green, because apparently *dark* green is too vibrant a color for a normal update here.)

Nice recall to the Code4Food lady from last time he overdosed and stopped breathing. His subconscious interpreting the lack of air in a vain attempt to alert himself of what is happening in this dream-like state. The brain does weird shit when it is high and/or dying, seems like even crazier shit occurs when it has neural implants interacting with it, not to mention the brain damage he must have suffered over the several misadventures so far.

In all seriousness, this is the first comic I read since I gave up on the Beano, years earlier. It got me back into comics, and introduced me to the webcomic scene! Wishing you all the best!

Other forums, I’d just make a private guess and move on. But here it feels like the answer might be more interesting.

Was Beano another web comic?

Did you have the same sort of GI issues I had, possibly with the same sort of preferred diet, which required the daily consumption of the pills that kept my roommate from dying from my expelled gasses?

Or did you manage to find a way to get high off of that stuff, but eventually give it up?

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