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Chapter 7 Pages 35-36

Chapter 7 Pages 35-36 published on 16 Comments on Chapter 7 Pages 35-36

Well, as Lin’s first rally ends, so do our updates for 2020! We’re taking the rest of the month off to work on our buffer – our patrons will see the pages go up as we work on them. Thanks so much for reading – I feel like despite the dumpster fire this year’s been, our comic finally got back on track. It’s been fun to work on, and hopefully, fun to read, despite an occasional soul-crushing moment here and there :)

See you all in 2021!


I love this one. The composition is lovely, as is the color theory at work.

I genuinely hope Lin does actually care. I think I’d be sad if she really was mercenary as she likes to act. Though, were she actually that way, Noodleboi here would have been fucked years ago.

You can’t leave me hanging here like this, after a whole year dissing Dan in the comments now I want to give a hug! D’x

Anyway, thank you both for this. Really. It has been awesome reading this comic for years already. No joke, it is one of the few things I really liked from the past decade. In some months I’m turning 30, and in a bizarre way, this comics helps me to reflect on that. I hope my working life goes better in 2021, I only managed to be on Patreon one month, and while I pirate most of my comic books, I really want to support you.

Greetings, and again, thanks for everything.


This has to be one of the best pages yet, and that’s saying something for this comic. I love the sunset colors and Dan’s introspection being countered by Lin’s practicality and smartassery. If I had to guess, I think Lin is one of those rare individuals who actually does care about people, she’s just not programmed, for lack of a better word, to express her feelings in words like most of us are familiar with expressing. In her mind, doing is more important than saying, and she believes showing people she respects them on terms they understand and doing things like patching them up or installing cybernetics (possibly illegally) is a good act. This, of course, could be a completely wrong interpretation, but I like to think positively.

Looking forward to seeing the story continue in the New Year! :)

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