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Chapter 8 Cover

Chapter 8 Cover published on 12 Comments on Chapter 8 Cover

D&W will be returning on 16th June (patrons should get a page or two this week!)
Thanks to those of you that have been patient during our little detour into dating sims that took a little longer than we’d hoped :)
It also coincided with me moving to Sweden and Io being his usual busy self so you know, all of that didn’t help. Looking forward to getting back on track though! -Cryo


dan in a suit?? am i seeing things in my excitement ?????

Yes, you are seeing things. But I may be seeing some of those same things, thanks to the power of the Internet, and the fact that at least some of those things are actual things to see.

It’s alternatively possible that I am more open to suggestion than I realized, causing me to disregard the fact that Dan is not actually wearing a suit coat or suit jacket, rendering the possibility that Dan is just wearing a dress shirt and tie, along with some pants that look suspiciously like dress pants. (I happen to have a preference for wearing such pants, owing to bad experiences with denim.)

I wonder if Dans parents will come into play in the near future. I vaguely remember something that might have been important but I am drawing a blank on when and where. It was something about his father perhaps?

A long time ago, ch 4 pg 4 panel 7 had a campaign poster with somebody we surmised was Dan’s dad, representing “strength and stability” in the Chernozyom party. (Interesting name.)
I am not remembering there being anything else about Dan’s parents or that party,. Maybe something showed up again around the time Dan first caught sight of actual Cyborg Party posters?

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