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Dammit, Dan! Don’t! You fuck!

There are some really nice things with the lighting in this one. I’m really tired, and I’m not gonna like point out ’em all, but there’s tons of really polished things in this one, and I just wanted y’all to know they didn’t go unnoticed. I finally got back to reading after a long time bc life, and I’m glad to see things are continuing so interestingly!

To be fair, I’ve heard this job tends to drive people towards drugs even when they come in sane and well-adjusted.

I’m not sure how anybody would determine that. I mean, it’s a job I’d never do if I was sane and well-adjusted. Everyone I personally know who has gone into the business of doing political calls had already determined their drugs of choice, and they weren’t sugar, chocolate, or caffeine. Well, they determined *a* drug of choice, but doing that particular job did not necessarily stick with that. I think the only ones who stuck with their drugs of choice were those who either already had a psychiatrist and possibly a psychologist and had regular appointments with them, or had already done enough of a number on their liver they didn’t last long.

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