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Chapter 8 Page 10

Chapter 8 Page 10 published on 15 Comments on Chapter 8 Page 10

The only reason “Updates Wednesdays” is still a thing in our banner is because our WP theme is very broken and has been for a while (though we are working on a very exciting solution to that problem…If all goes well WordPress woes will be a thing of the past! :D) In the meantime, what even are days of the week anymore?


Pretty sure “you look so much like your father” is never a great pick-up line.

Are we just making a good guess here that she means his dad? (who she doesn’t know is his dad) Or do we know Dan’s original last name is Odintsov from somewhere? Because last I remember it was “Anonym”, but I can’t find that again and it clearly sounds like he changed it.

Dan tore down a poster for the Chernozyom/Black Earth party back in Chapter 4, featuring someone who bore a distinct resemblance to Dan. Also, “Anonym” isn’t really a name, just a word meaning “no name.” On his cybernetics license, his last name is just blacked out.

It’s still a guess, but a fairly well-educated one.

That “they don’t know what he’s *actually* like” confirms it for me. That’s not something you say about somebody you don’t know. It’s either his father or someone really close to his father.

Apparently in Stradania you can legally opt out of having a last name (or maybe the opposite, your father can disown you). This is the first reveal of Dan’s redacted last name, Odintsov. We only knew his father is a rich conservative politician.

Kinda like the infrequent posts and general anticipation of new content, it feels more personal to check in and see if there is a new post even if it’s just a news page or an actual chapter. I’m glad I jumped on when I did this feels great, almost like watching Saturday moring cartoons to see what’s next. Thanks for making this and please make more!

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