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Welp, I guess that answers one question I had over the past couple of pages. Seems like Dan dodged a bullet, at least temporarily. Now I’m wondering if Lin is going to push Dan, or if she’s just the messenger? Either way, I’m glad I’m not in Dan’s shoes right now, especially with the whole puking his guts out thing. :)

I just wanted to mention how this scene compares to ch7 p35-36.
That scene had the energy of coming home on a road trip with Lin just LARPing professionalism.
This scene has all the trappings of a limousine ride and captures being in the lap of luxury.
Lighting, apparel, driver, cityscape, intrigue, everything. Movin on up, for better or worse.
The first panel is practically the only reminder that they’re actually just riding a Jeep.
(*or whatever Stradanian equivalent vehicle this is)

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