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Lin, this is the opposite of helping ;–;

Controlled dosages and lowering slowly is actually not a bad plan. That is what doctors finally figured out was required for prescribed opioids after way too long and still fail to do… leaving people to street drugs and accidental overdoses.

Even when it’s not opioids,, slowly reduced over time, is helpful with most addictive drugs with which I’m familiar. I mean, not necessarily stuff like LSD and PCP that mess you up for life. But everything else I know, including alcohol, tobacco, and World of Warcrack.

World of Warcrack, you sir are a genius, and from now this is how I will refer to that virtual crack.

Thank you. But in this case, it’s not appropriate. I was just using somebody else’s term.

I think pretty much everyone in my guild started calling it that after that guy died from playing the game too much and not eating or drinking enough. I think someone on /trade said it first.

For what it’s worth, the toxicity that the guild engaged in caused me to start tapering. Well, that and LFR was *way* worse. I mostly tanked and healed, and since most people just DPS… doesn’t matter the relative criticality of the roll, the minority always seem to get the flack, regardless of their performance.

To be clear, I’ve seen plenty of players in all roles who weren’t very good at their chosen roles. But there’s constructive ways to say it and non-constructive ways to say it. Also, I’ve seen people tank flawlessly and still get yelled at, called nasty names, and kicked from a group because other people didn’t know what they were supposed to do on a fight and didn’t want to admit it.

It’d been a good guild, back when I joined it. But I’d been in a number of guilds over the years, and they all got toxic before very long.

Good plan, but most likely wrong choice of RoA (route of administration) and probably wrong choice of opioid (the ones she have are not meant to deal with chronic pains but for medical operations). Not only he will become more addicted because of nearly instant onset, the drug will metabolize much quicker, which leads to necessity of often redosing. I’m not sure if Lin do that on purpose to use it as leverage to make Dan do what she wants, or she doesn’t understand basics of narcology.

You assume she has the right meds for her practice. You also assume that she isn’t compensating for having a different med supply if she does.

Sure, that’s probably the way to bet. But sometimes I like to point out that we don’t have conclusive evidence *yet*.

Hey minno, good prediction for this page.

Essentially Lin is offering a supervised injection site.
This is safer for Dan short term, but how much help will Lin be in getting off of it long term?

Reducing the dosage progressively is the safest and most reliable way to get off drugs, so this *should* help.
As long as Lin actually does that and doesn’t do an asshole move, but honestly I doubt it, I think she’s a real friend to Dan, depsite being Lin.

I don’t think she’s a real friend to Dan, but I think she feels a sober Dan is a helpful Dan. So in this one instance, she’s going to be doing better for him than he’d be on his own.

That’s even *if* she does a dick move and gets him on something he can only get from her. That rat poison shit will fuck you up. So do the opioids, though maybe not as fast.

Sure, anything else she might get him on, such as a cocktail of anxiolytic and amphetamine, would also fuck you up, but in different ways. And he’d probably have more energy to do what she wanted him to do. Until he died from a combination of the drugs and the malnutrition we’ve noted he clearly has before.

I think it would be one thing if she stated that this was an option and gave him time to mull it over, were he actually using again. However, her jumping into action when he wasn’t even talking about getting back on the drugs is, well, not great. Lin is a very proactive person but this is clearly, as usual, about what she wants.
She steals people’s organs and give them implants sometimes without consent though, right? So while we argue about what kind of friend she is, it’s already clear she is a violent person.

Lin is definitely socially maladjusted, to what degree I’m not qualified to determine, but I think you’re probably closer to the truth. If I had to guess I’d say she’s at least a borderline sociopath, but I really don’t know her character well enough to even guess at that, she’s a mystery.

She seems more like a psychopath to me. Sure, she’s a lot better adjusted than most of the psychopaths that make the news as psychopaths. But most of the sociopaths I’ve met really don’t like getting their hands bloody, and she seems to delight in it.

To be clear, I’m not saying that she *is* one. Just, if I had to guess, I’d go the one way rather than the other.

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