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this page has inspired my headcanon is that Dan can unscrew the little metal plate on the side of his head and use that space for storing things. there’s no evidence that the drugs were in his pocket beforehand. change my mindddd

are you a new reader, and thus unaware of the actual purpose of said little metal plate? or are you simply choosing to ignore its intended usage, and am i just being pedantic?

To everyone acting like this is the massive change, my dudes, people use drugs less when they’re otherwise satisfied. The meaningful work has done more than laying off the opis a week ever could.

Also, new drugs can always be acquired. This just means he’s doing well right now, not that he’s going to be doing well next week.

Yep! Honestly I’m kinda disappointed seeing so many people tie sobriety to a worthwhile existence. Dan got hard into drugs chasing a niche in a very competitive market, had that life line ripped from him, shifted to an absolute dead end job with basically the only escape being the crushing bliss of opiates.

Dude can probably handle himself even with the occasional expedition to the outer reaches of consciousness if he has any meaning in his life beyond waiting to die a shell of who he’d just recently been.

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