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Geez that place looks expensive. Where is Lin getting the money to rent a place like that for her fund raiser, or was that a donation by the owner?

I really wonder if Lin has put any thought into sending the lamb in for the slaughter here, somehow I doubt it, but who knows, maybe this gal won’t be a cliche’ and it won’t result in Dan sucking wind (or worse) for “seducing” a mobster’s wife?

I’m sure Lin put a lot of thought into this. Thoughts of exactly how much that cougar enjoyed a good lamb every now and then, for example.

Well, I agree she certainly sees an opportunity to capitalize on Dan’s presence, but exactly how long it took her to make the decision and if she even contemplated the consequences? No, I don’t think she did or cares what happens, she’ll just deal with whatever potential fallout might occur.

Given Dan’s past luck, it wouldn’t surprise me if things go horribly wrong and he ends up having to hide out somewhere, with or without Lin’s help, and that she’ll still try to use that situation to her advantage, like send him on a village to village campaign tour or something. Lin truly fits the bill for a politician: narcissistic and morally bankrupt. That being said, she is certainly an entertaining character. ;)

I think there might be an error in this comic page. In panel 3 the woman is sitting with an empty glass in front of her. In panel 4 the empty glass is no longer on the table and Dan is staying in front of the table with a full glass in his right hand, while the left hand is not visible. It is presumed that the left hand is holding the empty glass. In panel 5 the woman is holding the full glass that Dan offered her. In panel 6 Dan is holding a full glass in his left hand and the implication is that he was holding two full glasses in panel 4. Where did the empty glass go?

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