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Having cyber junk does sound intriguing

Was black earth mentioned anywhere else? I dont remember this it all lol

My bad, sorry – at some point in the prequel comic Blue Pill Arcade I switched the name from “Chernozyom” to its literal translation “Black Earth” not realising it might be confusing to a non-Russian speaker (though ironically, I did it precisely to make things easier for English speakers)
I guess now it made its way into the main comic. Not sure how to fix it at this point without retroactively changing up the old pages, but it’s worth having a think about.

Huh, she’s actually talking policy with Dan? Maybe she actually takes the welfare of her country seriously and just needed a captive audience to express her opinions. I’m sure things could still go sour by her propositioning Dan, but it’d be equally nerve-wracking for him if she promised her husband’s support so long has he convinces Lin to make changes to her platform that don’t fit his nascent vision of cyborg equality. The hint is already there regarding the costs that she seems oblivious to, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if Dan gets hit with both barrels of awkward and unpleasant at this point. The writing and art for this comic always surpass my expectations. :)

This reads to me more like Dan’s prompted her to talk politics. She’s just responding in a manner influenced by what she’s picked up as the wife of a politician.

Sure, it could be as you say, but she sounds a bit less sophisticated than that to me. Of course, she could be deliberately sounding unsophisticated for a form of plausible deniability. If so, it’s unclear whether that deniability is of the form of “I’d never say something as unsophisticated as that” or “I didn’t know that wasn’t a thing to say.” But I’d guess the former would tend to work better than the latter. The “I didn’t know better” excuse means there’s so much to be explicit about keeping secret. The “I didn’t actually say that, they’re just blaming me” excuse, on the other hand, doesn’t identify onesself as a weak link.

Of course, if there’s a recording, the “I didn’t know better” excuse is stronger, since the source cannot be denied, and the “I was drunk” excuse means “I can’t hold my liquor”, which I understand to be an especially unacceptable excuse in Russia.

I like your explanation, but I thought she was the wife of a black market kingpin, the one Lin is schmoozing? To me that changes the context of the conversation considerably, especially since I didn’t pick-up on Dan doing anything but saying he is the campaign manager, but I still think that some of what you said would apply.

So, much like the real world, the real fight isn’t the borgs versus the naturals.

It’s the wealthy elites, pitting the poor against each other – but especially targetting those poor who have the gall to get involved in anything that could make a difference.

It probably wouldn’t work to point out that the wealthy elites are also borgs, but they spend enough to still be able to pass for normal. But it could be effective to show that. I mean, the bit of borging mentioned here wouldn’t be enough – showing one instance is just a political scandal. However, I’m sure that’s only the tippiest-tip of the iceberg. She talks like this stealth borging is common place.

Of course, one should also consider the source. Just because she thinks it’s common place doesn’t mean that it *is*. But society’s probably rarefied enough at that level that it probably is, especially since Cryo probably doesn’t want to draw enough elites to have any more factions of them than necessary.

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