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Dates & Wires is out!

Dates & Wires is out! published on 20 Comments on Dates & Wires is out!

Dates & Wires, the first official D&W visual novel is now available on!

It’s a dreary night in Unylsk and you’re a horrible trash tourist desperate to make some terrible life choices. One night, six dates, many endings some of which might even be good.

If you’re supporting us on Patreon, you should get the final release version in your inboxes.

Originally planned as an April Fool’s joke, the game quickly outgrew its original scope and took almost 4 months to make, but here it is, featuring some cool new lore even for folks familiar with the comic.

Big thanks to NINGEN for providing the music and our patrons and playstesters.


I just spent a good while playing it and aaahh, so fun and everything looks so good! The visuals work so well! And oh my god, not me swooning every time Jack winks….
Shitparade’s route is also actually quite sweet? And I think I may have found the good outcome for Fixer completely by accident, haha

Does it not work on Windows 7? I’m getting an error message when trying to start the game :(

Hey, it should work according to Renpy website but it’s not something we could check. Did you try both executables? Io suggests you run datesandwires-32.exe and see if that works. Let us know if it doesn’t though! -cryo

Hey, thanks for replying! For some reason, both executables give me the error message “XY is not a valid win32-executable”.

It says win32 both times, which baffles me as well. According to the internet, this can happen when a download is faulty, but downloading it again doesn’t fix it. I’m not too heartbroken about 5 € because your comic definitely deserves the support, but I hope I’ll find a solution so I can try the game. Maybe another commenter can enlighten me :)

While it’s nice and all that you made a game, I don’t really care. Comic releases have been slower and slower. I’m interested in the story of Dan and how things unfold for him.

Hey LesserSmith!
If I had a webcomics, comments like yours would make me reconsider having:
1- having a webcomics in the first place
2- having a comment section on my webcomics.

I would eventually like to know what happen to Dan & I like that were able to reach the creatives behind that great comic; so please keep the demoralizing comments to yourself.

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