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Why does it have VGA output if most of the heavy lifting is done by an external computer?

My mid-nineties self is screaming at me to say that the design should be different. Mid-nineties me would have insisted on a SCSI or FireWire 400 port for connecting to a computer.

The me of today would shriek at the thought of putting anything BIOS based in my head. I’d only want the kernal (loaded from special read-only storage) to talk to the hardware, and anything else that tries to be killed fast.


Oh, and I’d get rid of the ethernet port and VGA port. Let the external computer handle all that.

I’d see the VGA as a leftover from the earlier, medically-oriented days of the hardware, when they’d routinely hook up the user directly to a TV or monitor so they could take a look at what was going on inside his head. (At the same time, it’s probably obvious that like everything else in the Unylsk VR scene, Dan’s DS-909 is neither the most modern nor the best-designed implant – we wound up doing about a half-dozen concepts in prep for Chapter 1, many of which drop the redundant output options and offer slightly more sensible styling. Some of these will even be featuring in future chapters!)
– Io

Oh man, I love that you actually thought that out, instead of just accepting it. I wasn’t even thinking about these things.

Also, good on you, Io, for also thinking things out, too!

Basically, I really like these world building things. They’re really cool to me!

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