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The poster is Lawnmower Man.
I just watched it again not to long ago, I was really pleased with the gawdy CGI.

Florida, of course. Which is nice because it’s so ubiquitous in the imagery of 80’s technology. Atleast it’s not MIT or Redmond.

Horizontal lines! Just like IBM’s. I do love me some horizontal lines.

Yes! I’d rewatch it, but the gawdy CGI bit is pretty much the only thing I’m interested in.
And I’m glad you appreciate the logo. Stripes are more of a 70’s thing but I couldn’t help but use them.

That’s not Fixer, just some old (college?) friend. That’s what happens when you rush a character design, I guess >.>


Hey hey, cool stuff bro ^^ and yeah definitely was Dan at some point as Deathmask00 said haha. Am gonna go ahead a guess you draw this stuff up with a graphics tablet and photoshop? Also was wondering how long you averagely spend on one piece, I wanted to get more into this side of art a bit more and wanted to know roughly where to start? Many tank :)

Hey, thanks :D Yeah, these days I use a Cintiq for the most part, but I still go back to my old Intuos 4 when I’m away from my PC. I prefer Manga Studio (or Clip Studio) for drawing and Photoshop for final lettering, design and colour editing. I’d say an average comic page takes me around 12 hours to complete. This one was much faster since it’s sketchier and didn’t need much colour, so maybe 5 hours? It’s a bit hard to keep track, but livestreams help me set an estimate a bit.
In any case time shouldn’t be your main concern if you’re just starting out – just make sure you learn and have fun, speed will improve with experience anyway!


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